About Us

About Us

Who We Are?

We’ve been in the sector since 1995 and in 2001 we continued our work by establishing our company GIRISIM MARKET EQUIPMENT MARKETING IND. & TRADE LTD. COMP.

In 2004, due to the necessity of working more specifically in wooden products, we established our wooden production facility under the name of SF GROUP LLC. Until 2010, we only worked in the retail sector, projecting, equipment supply and wood production.

Starting from 2010, we started to offer turnkey store solutions by creating architectural staffs in line with the demands of YOU, our valued customers. At the same time, again in the direction of requests from you, we have also started to make projects and applications not only in the retail sector but also in the service sector.

At this stage, we have created our brand CLUB-ART as a necessity for institutionalization.

Within CLUB-ART which is a brand of GIRISIM MARKET EQUIPMENT MARKETING; we are a whole together with our valued customers, who are the real heroes of the retail and service sector. As parts of this whole, with YOU; we create the most fashionable and contemporary places in the sector. YOU and US; We add meaning and value together to our sector and places. Because; together we are more DISTINCT, together we are more PRODUCTIVE and together we are more MEANINGFUL.


Our main focus is; to create a unique identity for the place in every project. Places with duplicates lose their quality in terms of eligibility in the eyes of their customers. Sales and service points that are different from each other and have their own identity instead of similar places will be more permanent and preferable to the consumers.

In line with this purpose, together with YOU, our mission is; to project, design and implement our places as innovative and able to raise awareness in a way that the customers will remember.

Every job starts with an idea, gets projected and proceeds into a reality. YOU concentrate on the issues related to the operation of the place, and WE transform the idea we created together into a reality. For all of us, we create places with a focus on value.

What We Do?

In addition to all kinds of RETAIL SALES POINTS such as market, building market; apparel, cosmetics, pharmacy, sports, stationery stores; SERVICE AREAS like cafeteria, restaurant, hotel are among our works.

The design and application of facade dressing of workplaces and buildings is also in our work area.


Every work we do is going through the following processes;
– Meeting and learning the demands of the business owner,
– Dimension acquisition and settlement project work for 2D project, discussion and approval of settlement project with business owner,
– Completion of architectural design and 3D project work, discussion and getting approval from business owner.
– Preparation of price proposals by completing technical projects, submission to business owner and order taking.
– Supplying products from our solution partners and completing the production in our site and making the shipment.
– Completion of assembly by the expert assembly teams separated in each area.

Every work in these processes is carried out by the relevant specialist staff.




Director Member of the board


Director Member of the board


SF GROUP LTD. Director Member of the board


Country Representative Germany

Elvan SUZ


Nazmiye ŞİMŞEK


Ozlem İnce



Production Management



Bektaş ÇEKİÇ



Production Technician





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